specialised staffing services

Greenstone Recruitment offers specialised staffing services for subscription billing, payments and customer care encompassing the technology ecosystem around online payments and revenue & client account management. In this market the technical and operational processes behind recruitment and candidate sourcing are significantly more specialised. A detailed understanding of this sector is critical in allowing agencies to deliver an effective and valuable recruiting service.
Broad-based recruiting agencies don’t have the in-depth knowledge of this sector, nor a specialised network through which appropriately skilled candidates may be found. An insufficient knowledge of this sector will lead to lost time, missed projects and likely unsatisfactory candidates.

skilled and experienced personnel

Greenstone Recruitment sources skilled and experienced personnel exclusively or the payment and billing technology sector. We offer proven experience with discreet, customised and international recruitment processes to serve our client organisations, large and small. By staying current with technology and global trends, we appreciate the specific requirements of each company we work with, and allowing us to offer a service tailored to each assignment.

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